Cleveland Kendo Association

Welcome to Cleveland Kendo!

Cleveland Kendo Association was established in 1986 as a non-profit, non-commercial organization. Cleveland Kendo Association is an All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) affiliated dojo dedicated to promoting the traditional Japanese fencing martial art of Kendo.

Practice Schedule

Cleveland Kendo Practice Schedule

This schedule is subject to change!

8:00pm - 10:00pm
World Gym
3:00pm - 6:00pm
World Gym

World Gym Cleveland Heights
(Next to the Armed Forces Recruiting Center)
3554 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

The 2016 Cleveland Kendo Tournament will take place on April 1-3 with special guest Mitsuru Hamasaki Sensei, hanshi 8dan, former chief Kendo instructor of Tokyo Metropolitan Police

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About Cleveland Kendo

Cleveland Kendo

The Cleveland Kendo Association practices at World Gym 3554 Mayfield Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 and operates under the guidance of Dr. Tsuyoshi Inoshita Sensei (7th Dan Kyoshi), founder of Cleveland Kendo and President of the Greater Northeastern United States Kendo Federation (GNEUSKF), and our head instructor Dr. Shigemi Matsuyama Sensei (5th Dan Kendo - 2nd Dan Iaido).

Cleveland Kendo Association has maintained a philosophy of assisting students to obtain training in the Japanese fencing martial art of Kendo with minimal financial impact. All of our instructors volunteer their time and do not profit from their Kendo activity.

This non-commercial and community service philosophy have been instrumental in reaching an array of students from diverse backgrounds to develop a samurai spirituality that can be a powerful source of strength and focus to manage their daily lives through the Japanese fencing martial art of Kendo.

Why You Should Only Learn Kendo From An AUSKF Affiliated Dojo

The All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) is the official organization responsible for the development and promotion of the Japanese fencing martial art of Kendo in the United States. The AUSKF is made up of regional Kendo Federations that are approved by the AUSKF, which support its local dojo members. The AUSKF is a member of the International Kendo Federation based in Japan, which is affiliated with the All Japan Kendo Federation.

Membership in the AUSKF allows you to attend tournaments, visit other AUSKF-affiliated dojos and most importantly, get graded for any rank from 1st Kyu and above that is recognized by the International Kendo Federation and the All Japan Kendo Federation.

A dojo has to apply to and be accepted into the AUSKF for it to display the AUSKF logo and have its students recognized as AUSKF members.

So, What Does That Mean For You?

Learning the Japanese fencing martial art of Kendo from an AUSKF-affiliated dojo is like doing business with an accredited, licensed professional (i.e. recognized by a medical board or bar association, and not "self-accredited").

An AUSKF affiliated dojo is approved by the AUSKF because it teaches Kendo properly, with instructors whose rank and experience is internationally recognized. Senior instructors from other AUSKF dojos will visit and collaborate to make sure that the instruction is being conducted correctly and if not, they will remedy the situation. This makes for better instructors AND better students.

What will you miss if you don't learn Kendo from an AUSKF affiliated dojo? • You may not learn proper techniques. • You will not be able to participate in Kendo tournaments. • You will not be able to be officially graded above 2nd Kyu.

If you are truly interested in learning the Japanese fencing martial art of Kendo, you should learn from an AUSKF affiliated dojo.

Note: University Kendo clubs such as Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, and Kent State University are affiliated with the Cleveland Kendo Association and the AUSKF.